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Become an iZigg Affiliate today!

Want to launch your own mobile marketing business? With iZigg, you can! iZigg offers a state of the art SMS Platform and is continuing to innovate to add additional mobile marketing products in the near future.

iZigg offers an Affiliate Program, and, for just $99.95 per year you can launch and run your own mobile marketing business and get paid for your efforts. There are two pieces to our affiliate program; 1. Retail sales: selling directly to business customers and you get paid 25% commission on all sales. 2. Network marketing model which allows you to build a team of others who want to build a business as well and get paid for your teams efforts.

Why iZigg?

So why become an iZigg Agent? Mobile is everywhere, and then some. It’s exploding. It has been for several years, and in 2016 more and more businesses are realizing how much they need a mobile marketing plan to be able to communicate with their customers in a cost effect, fast and efficient way – and that’s what iZigg offers!

iZigg allows you to connect with business owners in your community and help them start making more money by helping their customers make more purchases from them and YOU to get paid for your efforts. Once you’ve signed up a customer for iZigg’s service, iZigg handles all support and billing of the account and you get paid for the account monthly as long as their an iZigg customer.

So how does it work?

Once you’ve signed up to become and iZigg Agency, you can immediately launch your business! Start sharing with local business owners, show them how the technology works (we’ll even help you demo the platform for potential clients!) and start getting paid. When you generate sales to new customers, you get paid for the initial sale and every sale after that creating a residual income.