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SMS for Schools

sms marketing benefits

Parents, teachers, coaches and of course students. You know it can be difficult contact them. Emails just don’t work anymore. You need the technology to be able to effectively and quickly get your message out and iZigg provides that technology.

Send out school announcements, schedule changes, emergency alerts and other important information that you need to reach your audience with.

As the uses of smartphones continue to grow and grab attention, SMS messages are still leading the way in being the most effective and efficient way to communicate today.

“This has been a life-saver for my school district and community. Little Leagues, football teams, churches, schools, etc….all across East Tennessee can now send out information at the drop of a hat to everyone in their database whenever they want for an affordable price. And, they can do it all without having any “data entry.” Opting in is the key!”
Scott Cupp, East Tennessee School District Principal

Pew Research Center finds that 73% of all teens have a smartphone and that texting is an especially popular way for smartphone-using teens to communicate with their friends, and parents. The center also finds that 91% of adults are now using smartphones as well. Combine these numbers with SMS statistics like “98% of all text messages are opened and read,” and you can see why using SMS is a no brainer.

Communicating with teachers, parents and students has never been easier and we make is effortless with our SMS communication platform. You’re virtually guaranteed to reach them using SMS.

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Education Needs

Ready to find out more and experience the power of SMS and what it can do for you? Try out the following demo to see how it works. You’ll see how easy it is to opt in to receive messages and receive a group of messages with sample texts. Imagine the possibilities.



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