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Diners, Cafes, Bars, Fine Dining, Fast Food, Bakeries

Running a restaurant keeps you busy! You’ve got things to worry about like taking care of customers, managing your employees and preparing and serving food. So who has time to worry about advertising? iZigg is fast, efficient, very affordable and simple to use. Our recipe for success: Simplicity, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Customer/Brand Loyalty
  • Daily/Weekly Promotions
  • Drive Instant Traffic
  • Events
  • and More


Malls, Clothing Retails, Sporting Good Stores, Shops, Food

With SMS messaging, you’re guaranteed a 99% opened and read rate, making it the most effective form of any advertising and an essential tool for any retail business. You can use SMS to send sales coupons and promotions to drive instant traffic to your business, as well as send customer communications and surveys.

  • Increase Store Traffic
  • Improve Overall Sales
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • …and more!


Elementary Schools to Universities

With so many classes, staff meetings and school events, your school year can get busy quick. Students get busy with school work and activities, teachers get busy with lesson plans and keeping up with grading and parent get busy with everything! It can be difficult to stay in touch. iZigg Offers schools from elementary to universities a quick, easy and efficient way to sent out communications to teachers, students and parents as well as emergency alerts.

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Events
  • Calendar
  • …and more!
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