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Our Short Codes

iZigg’s Short Codes

What’s a Short Code?

So, what’s a short code you might ask? A short code is similar to a regular telephone number, except that it is shortened to make it easier to read and remember when using to promote your business in your marketing efforts. This makes it easier for your customers and potential customers to engage with your brand and business and be a part of your mobile marketing campaigns.

iZigg has two short codes available for you to use and there is no cost difference between the two. iZigg’s short codes are 89800 and 90210.

Which should I choose?

90210 is not supported by T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular and any potential subscribers that use one of these carriers for their mobile phone service will be unable to participate in any SMS campaigns using 90210. This may not impact a campaign much at all, depending on what part of the country you are located in. T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular, for example, have higher user concentrations in the Mid-West and Western United States.

We do suggest that all of our clients use our 89800 short code for this reason.

New Short Code Coming Soon!

iZigg is also happy to announce the introduction of a new short code which is currently in the implementation stages and should be available for our existing and new clients by March, 2016. The new short code is 88799.